Snow Lake and Wingham

A lot of the people in Wingham have many pets but in Snow Lake people either have no pets or 1 or 2. Lots of people in Wingham and Snow Lake have Facebook. Lots of people in Snow Lake and Wingham like to go on Youtube. Most people in Wingham and Snow Lake dont take any piano lessons or other any other private lessons. Lots of people in Wingham look at Magazines but in Snow Lake not very many people do. People in Snow Lake like to play flash games or go on a site named addicting games online but people in Wingham like socializing websites like Facebook or msn.

snowlakeschool.jpg    Wingham Public School


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  1. Posted by ideahive on September 20, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    Why do you think there is a difference? Why do you think that people here like to play games online but more people in Wingham like socializing sites? What else do you think makes things different? Why do they like magazines and we don’t? I also think it is interesting that even though we live so far apart, we can find so many similarities.


  2. Posted by kassonei on September 21, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    Dear Riley,
    I like your paragraph, it is very interesting. Is there anything you can add about you, and what are your hobbies, or do you have any pets? I would like to know more about you in the future. Do you and I have anything the same, and what? What online flash games do you like? I didn’t know what there were, until Trevortl help me by describing them, but I guess they are on FaceBook, so I should know what they are. Do you like to play any other games?


    • I have a pet cat and my hobby is basically hanging out with friends. One online flash game i like to play is i basic fighting game called Newground Rumble, Thank You.


  3. Hey Riley,
    It’s Kori. I liked how in your blog you used grade level words like socializing. Since you didn’t have much about yourself in your post I went back to the spread sheet and I noticed you’ve read the Percy Jackson books. I’ve read them too and I loved them. Which book is your favourite?


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