What the Web is for

We had to read this little booklet about what the web is for. There was a lot of information about the web on it but there is more to do internet then what was in the booklet. There was lots of differences about the real world and the web. One of the differences is that the real world would get to crowded eventually but the web can only become bigger and bigger. It also told what we use the web for. The can be used for tricking people, talking to people, playing games and many other things.

We had to do a project on what we used the web for, we had to use 4 words. My 4 words were video games, music, globe and videos. I picked video games because when ever I get bored I always go on the internet and play games. Most of the time im playing the games on Facebook. Or on World of Warcraft playing with my friends.I think almost everyone plays video games online or even card games. I like to play chess or checkers sometimes when im really bored on the computer I almost always lose. When im in Newfoundland at my nan’s house we play spider solitare on her computer.

I picked videos because most of the time if im not playing video games or listening to music on the computer im watching videos on youtube. Videos can be what ever you want them to be. They can be funny,  sad, happy, entertaining you can even watch episodes of your favourite tv shows. If you need to learn how to do something all you have to do is search it on youtube and most of the time you will exactly what you wanted.

I picked global because you can look at the whole world on google earth on the computer. You can even talk to anyone you you want to around the world. If you have always wanted to see a town or city you have never seen before go on google earth and you can look at what it looks like. If you wanted to look at a town in China and wanna see how different it is from where you live you can. A t least you dont have to go there to find out how different it looks.

I picked music because if you have a computer you can go on youtube and listen to what ever song you want. Or you can download a program like limewire or frostwire to get music. When im bored I use limewire to listen to some of my favourite songs. I like to listen to music on the computer because when my dad takes my ipod I can listen to any song I want.

We had to use these and make it into a sculpture I made mine out of playdough. The idea of my sculpture was that it was a knight from a video game thriving in pain on the sand. Hes holding the earth the palm of his hand for the global part of it. For the music part of my sculpture he had an ipod with headphones listening to music . For the video part of the sculpture i made a play, pause and fast forward button.


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  1. October 08 2010

    Hi Riley, it’s Nataja I love how you talked about video games, and not just that you play them where you live, that you play them at your nan’s house too. When you said that instead of going to a place to see what something looks like, you could use Google Earth. I do that all the time if i’m doing a project on a place and I can see what the land is like there. I like how you did your art it really explains how you understand the web, and what it can be used for. If you could go back would you change anything about it?


  2. Hi Riley. I love the blog. I like that you had a purpose in your art; to show how each of those words are connected. It has everything that I can think of for the web (almost, as I would’ve included a computer, or maybe another person). I think that’s pretty cool. It’s nice that you introduced the project, and gave a reason why you picked each word. Your art is also good, but If you were to do this again, what would you do differently? Please keep up with the good work.


  3. Hello Riley I really liked your blog. I like how detailed your Word with the video was. Example I like how you told me you can search up anything how you can listen to your own music watching your favourite t.v shows.. Would you do something different to your art if you could if so what?


  4. Hi Riley, very nice blog. I like your art, and how you combined all four words into a video game scene! It is very unique. I like how you use the web to play video games, one of my favourite game sites is miniclip.com. What about you? You also use it to watch TV shows, a website I use for watching shows is blinkx.com. You also use Google Maps, actually, a project we had was making a map of Canada, and I used the same program! Anyways, I got to go, write back to you later.



  5. Posted by justschi on October 12, 2010 at 1:40 am

    hey, Riley i really liked your blog. It’s true how the world is going to get more crowded but the web will not it will get bigger and bigger . Do you have any thing like frostwire or limewire I have utorrent.


  6. I always play solitare on my computer when I’m bored, my mom loves it too. I like how in your art you didn’t write any words but you used clay to symbolize them. Are you the one who plays the guitar? Because I’m learning to play. I’m having trouble the stupid F cord.


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