Nazi Germany

The Jewish people would starve and die. Nazis would pile corpses on the streets. Jewish People lived in ghettos. The Nazis wanted to look like Rome. They had the Nazi flag everywhere on the streets. Soldiers were marching with flags on the streets. Kids had guns and would become Nazis. The Nazi flag symbol is called a swastika. It was a symbol of peace, prosperity and love. Nazi Germany was a political party.

Another example of a name for Nazi Germany is the third reich. When Hitler became chancellor of Germany the political party Nazis became corrupted. The allies of the Nazi party was Russia, Italy and Japan. On September 1, 1939 Nazi German Troops ivaded Poland. This made several other Europian countries declare war on the German State. The US would not join the fight until after the attack.

The rise of Nazi Germany or the third reich was considered a killing machine. To get the power which allowed him to direct the course of Germany, Hitler used the burning down of the Reichstag to declare a national emergency, and the allowing act. When Hitler had his power he had to get the army to secure his power.

The Nazis were very racist towards jews and it became worse and worse. The Nazis would have parades mocking the Jewish culture. Nazi Germany tried to invade their allies the Russians. They were basically fight East and West and eventually lost the fight. They experimented new products on Jewish people basically until they died.

In concentration camps a Nazi sat at a table and pointed one way or the other that decided your fate death or slavery. One way had poisan gas rooms or cremation rooms. The other way you would walk down the path and possibly get shot in the back of the hit and your body would fall into a ditch. Or you ended up becomeing a slave and they would feed you watery soup once a day.


The leaders of Nazi Germany made a large number of organizations for the purpose of helping them stay in power. They rearmed and made their military stronger. By 1935 the German federal government and the Nazi party had become virtually on and the same.Nazis did not only kill Jewish people but they also di not like home sexuals, gypsies and as well as political opponents. Hitler headed initially headed a coalition govenment but he quickly eliminated his government partners.


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  1. Wow! Your post is very good. You are a very talented writer and i can’t believe you learned this much information!


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