Media News

2010 was an election year in the Philippines and Myanmar and social media was very well used to look at the election results in the Philippines, and to popularize the “boycott elections” campaign in Myanmar. Fillipinos sent Christmas greetings in September useing twitter. A person who was a blogger in Indonesia named Sony got sued by Sony Corporation for domain name for stealing the name Sony. 

Cambodia were sharing holiday tales and how they gladly took part  in the Water Festival celebrations in the previous years. More than 340 people died and about 550 were injured. It took place over a bridge connecting Koh Pich Island and Phnom Penh city. During the last hour of the last of the Cambodian Water Festival.

Malaysia said that they did not buy missle technology from China and sell it to Iran. There were Christian churches that were attacked in Malaysia and Indonesia and also Church leaders were harassed. I got all this information from


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