Cuban Government Threat

Cuba’s government sees bloggers as a threat according to wikileaks. Cuba’s government believes that independant bloggers may have political impact on some of the islands people. Some small groups of people who are part of this movement has much support from USINT which is the United States Interest Section. The Cuban government continues to try to repress these groups.

When ordinary Cubans were polled about the movement most people did not even know that this group of people existed. The government of Cuba believes that the younger population, plastic artists , musicians and including bloggers are really good at being very rebellious and drawing great appeal from Cubans.

A well known Cuban blogger named Yoani Sánchez was abducted and held against her will by Cuban authorities, she was also beaten in November 2009. She feels that the relationship of the U.S. and Cuba greatly needs to improve in order for democracy to happen in Cuba. The USINT strongly believes that these bloggers are becoming activists and critics of the Cuban government and therefore they are supportive of these bloggers.

Rogelio M. Díaz wrote that he was glad that the US government saw that Cuba’s future lies with their youth. Thanks to the world of blogging Cubas youth is making a stand against Castro’s government and is on its way to eliminating the worlds last communist country.


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