Rosa Hubermann vs. Man

The Book Theif is a fascinating story filled with change whether its the characters or the conflict. At the beginning of  The Book Theif Rosa has a lot of conflict with a little girl named Liesel. She tried to get Liesel out of the car when she first arrived and she would not budge. She was trying to get Leisel into the bath but Liesel just refused.

She got in a fight with a nasty lady named Frau Diller because she always spits on their door. She was nervous because she had to hide a Jewish man named Max which was horrible to do at the time this book took place. Later on in the book she became less bitter and became a nicer person. The cause of this was because of the stress of Max, well, that’s what I think. Another conflict with Frau and Rosa was when Frau agreed not to spit on her door if Liesel read to Frau. 

Most of Rosa’s conflict is Man vs. Man. She also has some Man vs. Self conflict even though you don’t see it in the book. You can tell because as the book goes on she becomes nicer which means there is some kind of Man vs. Self conflict. As you can see of what I have told you, you see that she has some unique conflicts within the book.


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  1. Posted by Parker on January 28, 2011 at 5:21 pm

    Hi its Parker great post, I have to say that I agree that you start to notice that Rosa is having some Man vs. self conflict because you do start to notice a big change from the beginning to now. I really don’t understand though why Liesel didn’t want to leave the car. I think you have done a good job explaining the conflict that Rosa has.


  2. Hello, it’s Melistau from Wingham!
    I agree with Rosa’s point of view, I would be really nervous to keep a Jew in my basement at that time because Hitler doesn’t like Jews, obviously. Also when the “Gestapo’s” came and searched there house, and looked around in the basement, I honestly thought that they were going to see Max, and get caught with having a Jew in their basement, but that’s only what I thought.
    I’m not really sure but what do you mean by Man vs Man? Is it like, Character vs character?
    Your blog was really good, I hope to read more soon 🙂


  3. Hi Riley!I really like your post.
    I think that Rosa was an important character in the story, along with Liesel.
    You did a good job writing this post!

    Why do you think Rosa is starting to be more nice?


  4. I think that you reminded us that Rosa is having her own conflicts as well in this book as everyone else. Your actually the first person I seen so far who chose Rosa as a model for conflict so far. I have a question, why did you choose Rosa?


  5. Jan/28/2011
    Hi Riley I think that that was a great post! I liked how you added a conflict from the very start of the book when liesel would not get out of the car or take a bath. I liked how you had good detailed paragraphs. Also like how you said that you can tell what kind of conflict it is. But I really liked you blog post!


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