The Wave, The Makeing

This response in this part of the book will be between chapters 5-8.
      Ben tought the students how to have good posture when sitting and made them more organized, they were able to get seated even quicker. Ben also made a symbol for The Wave and a salute. He made a special way that the students have to speak to him. They have to stand next to their desk then say Mr.Ross then continue to what they want to say. The class had to answer questions about World War 2 while they stood up and said Mr.Ross. Ben passed out cards and if there was a red X on the back of it you were a monitor which reported if any members of The Wave broke any rules, the monitors were Brian and Robert. They had a motto also it is “Strength Through Discipline, Strength Through Community, Strength Through Action.”
Robert Billings who was once untidy and had no friends actually became tidier. He combed his hair and tucked in his shirt, he is now friends with a lot of the other students in the class.
David wanted to get the football team more organized and work more like a team so he used what he learned from The Wave to get the team to be a real team. The team started to act more like a team after he speech on how they should act.
Laurie told her mother about the wave and she thought that they were not learning what they needed to know. Her father on the other hand thought that it might be just what they needed. Her father always wanted to talk about golf.
Ben was preoccupied with his class that he didn’t have enough time to make supper so he ordered chinese food.
When Laurie was talking to her dad and mom about The Wave I thought that her mom was being a little harsh. I think that Robert Billings seems like a brand new character because he has changed so much. It surprised me Brian and the other football player was about to fight when David stopped them, I thought they would have been punching and beating each other up. My favourite part in these chapters was when Robert Billings was sitting at a table at lunch will everyone else because Robert was once a class loser and now he has a lot more friends. I though that David or Amy was going to get a red X card because they seemed like the characters fit for the job so I was a little confused when Brian became monitor.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by gibson106 on April 15, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    You really did alot of detail, I like it! But I thought that Robert would of got the X on the car because he was all lazy, and didnt have any friends. So maybe Mr.Ross thought of that, and it made him have a happier life, and more friends. Do you think this project is gonna end badly?


  2. Posted by kingofmonkeys on April 15, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    Hey good post Your really explained a lot about the wave. I thought that it was funny when Robert was in the washroom acting like he was still in Mr. Ross class.


  3. Posted by NicoleeRamsay on April 15, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    Hi, why were you confused when Brian became monitor? Is is a little weird. Do you think Mr.Ross is ging to do something crazy. He seems pretty worried about this.


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