Welcome to The Wave -Or Else

This response takes place between chapters 9-12.
The Wave began to grow larger because of the recruitment of other students in other classes. The whole class was improveing in preparation and also class participation. The members of The Grapevine were trying to come up with stories for the school paper. Laurie had a talk with her mom about how Roberts mom saying he was a new person and Mrs.Saunders suspected that he had joined some sort of cult. Principle Owens wanted to speak to Mr.Ross about The Wave. Principle Owens wanted Mr.Ross to explain what The Wave was, he also told hims the benefits of The Wave and how it is affecting the people in his class. Laurie Saunders got a note from a boy telling her about a person who was harassed by a member of the Wave because he was not interested in joining. Robert said the he wanted to be Mr.Ross’s bodyguard, Mr.Ross was a little unsure about this but he knew it would make Robert feel good so he let him. Brian and Deutsch got into a fight, Laurie and David also got into a fight about the rally which made them break up. Laurie and some other people from The Grapevine wanted to make a group to stop The Wave. Laurie found out that a kid was beat up who was Jewish, he was a “dirty Jew”. Could this be the start of a new mini Nazi group?
In these chapter my feelings about the characters have changed, I don’t really like David that much any more because he seems to be to caught up in The Wave. My favourite part was when Laurie found out that a Jewish boy was beat up because this could be a start to something major. It interested me that Mrs.Saunders thought that Robert Billings may have been in a cult because of his sudden personality change. Could this mean that The Wave could be something bad like a cult? I didn’t understand why exactly Mr.Ross let Robert be his bodyguard because that says that the kids are hypnotized kind of and are like slaves. It scared me when a junior sent a letter to Laurie about when he was harassed by a member of The Wave because he did not want to join them.


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