My Passion is Modding

Lately I have been modding my xbox controllers and ps3 controllers. Modding is when you take something like controllers and you make them better in a way like giving you an edge on video games. I have painted many of my controllers some are camos and others are random designs. I have put differnt colours of leds in them because the originals is a green that isn’t very bright. But the most recent thing I have done is a five mode rapid fire mod. I mainly use it for a game called Call of Duty Modern Wodern Warfare 2. The mod lets me shoot very fast and it gives me a huge edge on lots of shooter games. Im not sure but I might even make my thumbsticks light up. I made a website called where people would send me controllers so I can pay them for $20 instead of spending over $100 for a controller. My set is currently still under construction but you can still see what it looks like at the moment. I like to get some of my stuff from a website called That’s my only passion for now but I will probably have more in the near future.


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