What Will Half Brother Be Like?

     Half Brother is a book about a family lets a monkey into their family and treats it like its a person. We are going to be reading it soon. I think the book is going to be like a documentary where it says the amount of days they had the monkey for and it tells the events that took place. I think they are going to treat the monkey like it’s a baby and give it a crib. Eventually I think they will get rid of it mainly because as it grows older it will probably become a lot more harder to handle and when it got mad it could become very dangerous. I think that the monkey will know a lot of sign language and will be able to communicate with the family.

I think the project will be a success. I think the monkey will be just like a normal person and will act similar. I don’t think the monkey will go to school though because I don’t think it would be able to the any work. But the monkey may become home schooled. I think the monkey will become smart and have feelings similar to a humans. I think he will be able to do normal human functions such as eating with utencils. He may even be able to write words on a piece of paper. I think he will be wild and break a lot of stuff like throwing vases maybe pushing the kids around and biting them, flinging fieces at people.

Over all I think that this book will be pretty interesting becuase im curious of what will happen. I hope that the project is a success  and the monkey improves a lot on the way. I want to see the monkey learn new skills and have a human like behavior.


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