The First Half…

The first half of the school year was not very exciting. Most of the work I did not really enjoy. The work that I did enjoy how ever was learning about ancient Egypt, but most of the work was not as great. The exams we had to do were long but not as hard as I remember they were last year. The only exam I found a challenge was the Social Studies exam. This year I got extremely good exam marks, I got 98% on my ELA exam which is strange because I dislike ELA a lot. I got 97% on my Science exam which is also strange because that is not even close to a subject I enjoy. I got 90% on my Social Studies exam which made me a little mad because it is my favourite subject but my lowest exam mark. On my math exam I got 98% which is an incredible mark for me.

The first half of the year went by extremely slow at first but now that I look back it actually went by very fast.  The time between Christmas and September went by slow but after December it seems like time goes by quickly. I think that the time after Christmas is going to go by quicker than the time before Christmas, atleast I hope. By the time December first rolled around I just wanted to get out and enjoy our 2 week Christmas Holiday.

We were required to write a 6 word story of the first half of the school. Mine was “It was a feast of boringness”. As you can tell by the six words the first half of the school year was boring as it is most of the time. But the other half will go by quicker again as it usually does. When spring break comes I will be asking myself where did the year go? In September and October I was tired all the time and did not want to get out of bed. I felt like I would just doze off and fall asleep in class.


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