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My Experience in a Group Far Away

For the past 2 weeks we have been working with people from a place called Wingham, we are currently doing a presentation. Honestly I have to say I have not enjoyed working like this very much. The people I am working with are good but I have had way to many tech problems. Some days I couldn’t get it to work until we had to go. But now that the computers we have in our classroom have a browser called Mozilla Firefox things should be a lot better. Another problem I had is when I used Internet Explorer I would try to edit our presentation but it would only let me view it as a slide show. So I would have to sit next to one of my partners in our town to see what everyone was editing on the presentation.

Working on the document was good because I could actually edit it and go into the chatroom without having any problems what so ever. My partners that I work with are good to work with because there nice and they don’t delete stuff that you did without telling you. My partners get a lot of work done but in the past 2 weeks I have’nt got any work done, but now I think that should change.

When we actually present our presentation I think it will be good but I think I will be a little nervous becuse they live very far away and I do not know them very well. I know the people in grade 8 because I worked with them last year but the grade 7’s are new to me. I don’t really know how we are going to present our presentations but I think it will be on Skype. Im pretty sure you just have to read the speaker’s note at the bottom of the presentation because they cannot see it but you can.

Over all I think it was’nt that great of an experience but the parts where things did work were pretty good. I did’nt get as much does as I wanted to get done which was’nt that great. I did’nt really get to talk to the other people in my group that much because I could almost never get into the chatroom, mainly because of  tech troubles.