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Nim Vs. Zan

After reading half brother and watching Project Nim It makes me realize how unrealistic Zan actually acted in the Half Brother compared to Nim. Nim is a lot wilder than Zan but I kind of expected that since in real life chimps are way crazier. For a long time Zan was just a little guy making mischief every now and then, he didn’t really bite too many people. Nim on the other hand did a lot of crazy things, he bit open a girls cheek and also jumped on a girl named Laura and smashed her face against the ground. Zan was more like a human than was a chimp but Nim was more like a wild chimp who was really rough and hurt a lot of people. Zan was kind and didn’t really do any weird stuff but Nim smoked weed and did all sorts of things he shouldn’t be doing. Zan didn’t go to a research facility, he only went to Dr.Helsons place and then he went to a sanctuary. Nim ended up going to a research for a while and then he went to a sanctuary. In the sanctuary Nim had a heart attack and died which was way different from the book because in the Half Brother Zan signed to Ben that he loved him. Zan did not have very many similarities compared to Nim because they were just so different, Zan was kind and loving and Nim was wild and harmful. Nim reminds me of Zeus from the Half Brother because Zeus was large and scary, he was also rough and dangerous. Over all Zan and Nim are almost like entirely different chimps, they share almost no simularities.


Things in Common

At I filled out a servey with 57 other students and I found a lot of us have things in common with eachother.  Lots of people play Call of Duty and I do to. A few people have cats and I also have a cat as well. Every one brushes there teeth every day at least one time I brush my teeth twice a day. Im the only one who’s favourite tv show is America’s Funniest Home Videos. The person most like me is Edi because we both like to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. But I still wonder what most kids in Wingham do other than school and working on the farm.

Stuff About Me

My name is Riley, my favourite thing to do is go outside or hangout with my friends. when I am not hanging out with anyone im play on my Xbox. My favourite game at the moment is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. My favourite tv show is America Funniest Home Video. My favourite movie is most likely Hot Fuzz because its hilarious. My favourite food is anything pasta. Im not much of a book guy so I don’t really like any books except recently I’ve been reading a series called Amulet. I do not have a favourite colour but if I had to choose it would be blue or red. When it is summer I bike and go swimming with my friends. We also go quading and dirtbiking sometimes. Me and my family go boating and fishing. When its winter we go ski-dooing and ice fishing. I dont go outside very much when its winter because it gets really cold. That is everything you need to know about me and what I like to do.

Qu’est-ce que j’aime faire

Mon nom est Riley, Je suis 12 anees vieux. Je vis dans a ville appele Snow Lake. Il y a beaucoup activites j’aime a faites. dans la ete j’aime a allez dehors. J’aime a jeu video jeux. Dans le i hiver comme d’aller en traîneau. Le seul sport que j’aime à jouer est de ping-pong. J’aime boire du chocolat chaud quand il fait froid dehors. J’aime passer du temps avec mes amis. Je veux être un chef lorsque je suis plus âgé. Je comme cuisiner avec mon père. J’aime aller à la plage pour aller nager.

What the Web is for

We had to read this little booklet about what the web is for. There was a lot of information about the web on it but there is more to do internet then what was in the booklet. There was lots of differences about the real world and the web. One of the differences is that the real world would get to crowded eventually but the web can only become bigger and bigger. It also told what we use the web for. The can be used for tricking people, talking to people, playing games and many other things.

We had to do a project on what we used the web for, we had to use 4 words. My 4 words were video games, music, globe and videos. I picked video games because when ever I get bored I always go on the internet and play games. Most of the time im playing the games on Facebook. Or on World of Warcraft playing with my friends.I think almost everyone plays video games online or even card games. I like to play chess or checkers sometimes when im really bored on the computer I almost always lose. When im in Newfoundland at my nan’s house we play spider solitare on her computer.

I picked videos because most of the time if im not playing video games or listening to music on the computer im watching videos on youtube. Videos can be what ever you want them to be. They can be funny,  sad, happy, entertaining you can even watch episodes of your favourite tv shows. If you need to learn how to do something all you have to do is search it on youtube and most of the time you will exactly what you wanted.

I picked global because you can look at the whole world on google earth on the computer. You can even talk to anyone you you want to around the world. If you have always wanted to see a town or city you have never seen before go on google earth and you can look at what it looks like. If you wanted to look at a town in China and wanna see how different it is from where you live you can. A t least you dont have to go there to find out how different it looks.

I picked music because if you have a computer you can go on youtube and listen to what ever song you want. Or you can download a program like limewire or frostwire to get music. When im bored I use limewire to listen to some of my favourite songs. I like to listen to music on the computer because when my dad takes my ipod I can listen to any song I want.

We had to use these and make it into a sculpture I made mine out of playdough. The idea of my sculpture was that it was a knight from a video game thriving in pain on the sand. Hes holding the earth the palm of his hand for the global part of it. For the music part of my sculpture he had an ipod with headphones listening to music . For the video part of the sculpture i made a play, pause and fast forward button.

Snow Lake and Wingham

A lot of the people in Wingham have many pets but in Snow Lake people either have no pets or 1 or 2. Lots of people in Wingham and Snow Lake have Facebook. Lots of people in Snow Lake and Wingham like to go on Youtube. Most people in Wingham and Snow Lake dont take any piano lessons or other any other private lessons. Lots of people in Wingham look at Magazines but in Snow Lake not very many people do. People in Snow Lake like to play flash games or go on a site named addicting games online but people in Wingham like socializing websites like Facebook or msn.

snowlakeschool.jpg    Wingham Public School

My Name is Riley

Hi my name is Riley, this is my first year in Mr.Fishers classroom. There are 4 people in my family and i have a cat. I like to play on my Xbox and on my computer. I also like to go outside and hangout with friends. When the snow comes I like to go skidooing. I also like to go sledding with friends. In fall I like to rake leaves into a big pile and jump into them. In summer my favourite thing to do is go swimming.