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My Eyes!

Recently in the Half Brother we have seen a lot about animal testing and how wrong it is. I think it is wrong for many reasons. One of them is because when they test products on them the animals get sick or die. When they test hair spray they spray it into the animals eyes to see how much it takes to make them blind, they do the same with stuff like eye liner and make up. For medicines they inject a disease into the animal on order to test there new medicine. When it works the animal is ok but if it doesn’t it will stay sick and maybe die. Animals would be force fed pills to see how much you should consume daily before you get sick. I even saw one picture with a bunny that had its ears burned badly.

I suppose you could test on them, it makes sense that you would want to make sure your products are safe. But the damage it does to the animal you test it on is horrific. I can see why people do it, if your product isn’t safe and you make it for sale it could possibly not work or hurt someone. It is worse if it is a human being killed then an animal I suppose. You could find a cure that could save someones life and that would be great for who ever has the disease. You would figure out how to cure someone from there illness and could become something much larger like Tylenol.

I don’t think that people should test on animals because if you put yourself in the animals place you would probably scared out of your mind. I don’t think anyone would like it if someone were to spray hairspray at your eyes until you are blind. Imagine if you were a monkey having needles constantly that have diseases in them and then having more needles to see if it cures the disease. If the cure doesn’t work there would be a possiblility that you would die. It would be extremely terrifing if I was abused in a horrible manner. Animals have feelings just like anyone else and they can feel pain that is inflicted to them. I absolutely hate needles, they creep me out imagine if the animal was scared of needles as well, it would be feeling the exact same thing as you when you get a needle.