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The Wave, The Makeing

This response in this part of the book will be between chapters 5-8.
      Ben tought the students how to have good posture when sitting and made them more organized, they were able to get seated even quicker. Ben also made a symbol for The Wave and a salute. He made a special way that the students have to speak to him. They have to stand next to their desk then say Mr.Ross then continue to what they want to say. The class had to answer questions about World War 2 while they stood up and said Mr.Ross. Ben passed out cards and if there was a red X on the back of it you were a monitor which reported if any members of The Wave broke any rules, the monitors were Brian and Robert. They had a motto also it is “Strength Through Discipline, Strength Through Community, Strength Through Action.”
Robert Billings who was once untidy and had no friends actually became tidier. He combed his hair and tucked in his shirt, he is now friends with a lot of the other students in the class.
David wanted to get the football team more organized and work more like a team so he used what he learned from The Wave to get the team to be a real team. The team started to act more like a team after he speech on how they should act.
Laurie told her mother about the wave and she thought that they were not learning what they needed to know. Her father on the other hand thought that it might be just what they needed. Her father always wanted to talk about golf.
Ben was preoccupied with his class that he didn’t have enough time to make supper so he ordered chinese food.
When Laurie was talking to her dad and mom about The Wave I thought that her mom was being a little harsh. I think that Robert Billings seems like a brand new character because he has changed so much. It surprised me Brian and the other football player was about to fight when David stopped them, I thought they would have been punching and beating each other up. My favourite part in these chapters was when Robert Billings was sitting at a table at lunch will everyone else because Robert was once a class loser and now he has a lot more friends. I though that David or Amy was going to get a red X card because they seemed like the characters fit for the job so I was a little confused when Brian became monitor.


Martin Niemoller Poem Remix

In school my teacher got us to make up our own version of the Martin Niemoller poem. This is my version of the Martin Niemoller poem.

First they abused the jocks,
and I did not speak out-
Because I was not a jock.

Then they bullied the nerds,
and I did not speak out-
because I was not a nerd.

Then they terrorized the religous people,
and I did not speak out-
Because I was not a religous person.

Then they teased me-
and there was no one left to speak for me.

The Book Thief’s Child Characters

The main character of the book is a little girl named Liesel. In the beginning of the book Liesel, her brother and her mother were on a train packed with people. Liesel’s brother was sick and was coughing out blood and had sores. Luckily Liesel and her mother was still alive when they got out of the train. A grave digger dropped a grave diggers handbook and Liesel stole it. Liesel left her mother to be sent to a foster home with a tall, skinny man named Hans Hubermann and his plump, ugly wife Rosa Hubermann. Liesel would not get out of the car when Rosa was screaming and yelling at her but Hans spoke very softly to Liesel to get her out. She did not know how to read so Hans had to teach her. At school Liesel couldn’t read and when she said the she could read she ended up saying what she memorized from the grave diggers handbook. Kids made fun of her because of it and one day she lost it and savagely beat 2 kids. She was beaten by Sister Maria twice that same day.

Rudy Steiner is best friends with Liesel. Rudy’s dad is a member of the nazi party. His dad doesn’t hate Jewish people but being a nazi is very good for his business. Rudy was obsessed about a black man named Jesse Owens who was in the olympics. He loved Jesse Owens and wanted to be just like him, Jesse Owens was one of the fastest men in the Olympics. Rudy liked him so much he covered his body with charcoal at night and was running around.When Rudy and Liesel were racing he said if he won Liesel had to kiss him but if she won she wouldn’t have to be the goalie for soccer anymore.

I feel that Liesel can be rude and mean but she can also be polite and nice. She seems kinda patient because she waited so long for her mom to write her a letter back. At times she seems like a very stubbern character. She seems to have a little bit of a temper because at school,  kids were teasing her but she snapped and beat two of them up. Liesel is a very complex character. She can be happy one moment but angry another.

Rudy is a person who really likes Liesel and wants to kiss her. He is a very fast runner and adores Jesse Owens. He can be a funny character sometimes when he is trying to kiss Liesel.


Nazi Germany

The Jewish people would starve and die. Nazis would pile corpses on the streets. Jewish People lived in ghettos. The Nazis wanted to look like Rome. They had the Nazi flag everywhere on the streets. Soldiers were marching with flags on the streets. Kids had guns and would become Nazis. The Nazi flag symbol is called a swastika. It was a symbol of peace, prosperity and love. Nazi Germany was a political party.

Another example of a name for Nazi Germany is the third reich. When Hitler became chancellor of Germany the political party Nazis became corrupted. The allies of the Nazi party was Russia, Italy and Japan. On September 1, 1939 Nazi German Troops ivaded Poland. This made several other Europian countries declare war on the German State. The US would not join the fight until after the attack.

The rise of Nazi Germany or the third reich was considered a killing machine. To get the power which allowed him to direct the course of Germany, Hitler used the burning down of the Reichstag to declare a national emergency, and the allowing act. When Hitler had his power he had to get the army to secure his power.

The Nazis were very racist towards jews and it became worse and worse. The Nazis would have parades mocking the Jewish culture. Nazi Germany tried to invade their allies the Russians. They were basically fight East and West and eventually lost the fight. They experimented new products on Jewish people basically until they died.

In concentration camps a Nazi sat at a table and pointed one way or the other that decided your fate death or slavery. One way had poisan gas rooms or cremation rooms. The other way you would walk down the path and possibly get shot in the back of the hit and your body would fall into a ditch. Or you ended up becomeing a slave and they would feed you watery soup once a day.


The leaders of Nazi Germany made a large number of organizations for the purpose of helping them stay in power. They rearmed and made their military stronger. By 1935 the German federal government and the Nazi party had become virtually on and the same.Nazis did not only kill Jewish people but they also di not like home sexuals, gypsies and as well as political opponents. Hitler headed initially headed a coalition govenment but he quickly eliminated his government partners.