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Nim Vs. Zan

After reading half brother and watching Project Nim It makes me realize how unrealistic Zan actually acted in the Half Brother compared to Nim. Nim is a lot wilder than Zan but I kind of expected that since in real life chimps are way crazier. For a long time Zan was just a little guy making mischief every now and then, he didn’t really bite too many people. Nim on the other hand did a lot of crazy things, he bit open a girls cheek and also jumped on a girl named Laura and smashed her face against the ground. Zan was more like a human than was a chimp but Nim was more like a wild chimp who was really rough and hurt a lot of people. Zan was kind and didn’t really do any weird stuff but Nim smoked weed and did all sorts of things he shouldn’t be doing. Zan didn’t go to a research facility, he only went to Dr.Helsons place and then he went to a sanctuary. Nim ended up going to a research for a while and then he went to a sanctuary. In the sanctuary Nim had a heart attack and died which was way different from the book because in the Half Brother Zan signed to Ben that he loved him. Zan did not have very many similarities compared to Nim because they were just so different, Zan was kind and loving and Nim was wild and harmful. Nim reminds me of Zeus from the Half Brother because Zeus was large and scary, he was also rough and dangerous. Over all Zan and Nim are almost like entirely different chimps, they share almost no simularities.