Nim Vs. Zan

After reading half brother and watching Project Nim It makes me realize how unrealistic Zan actually acted in the Half Brother compared to Nim. Nim is a lot wilder than Zan but I kind of expected that since in real life chimps are way crazier. For a long time Zan was just a little guy making mischief every now and then, he didn’t really bite too many people. Nim on the other hand did a lot of crazy things, he bit open a girls cheek and also jumped on a girl named Laura and smashed her face against the ground. Zan was more like a human than was a chimp but Nim was more like a wild chimp who was really rough and hurt a lot of people. Zan was kind and didn’t really do any weird stuff but Nim smoked weed and did all sorts of things he shouldn’t be doing. Zan didn’t go to a research facility, he only went to Dr.Helsons place and then he went to a sanctuary. Nim ended up going to a research for a while and then he went to a sanctuary. In the sanctuary Nim had a heart attack and died which was way different from the book because in the Half Brother Zan signed to Ben that he loved him. Zan did not have very many similarities compared to Nim because they were just so different, Zan was kind and loving and Nim was wild and harmful. Nim reminds me of Zeus from the Half Brother because Zeus was large and scary, he was also rough and dangerous. Over all Zan and Nim are almost like entirely different chimps, they share almost no simularities.


My Eyes!

Recently in the Half Brother we have seen a lot about animal testing and how wrong it is. I think it is wrong for many reasons. One of them is because when they test products on them the animals get sick or die. When they test hair spray they spray it into the animals eyes to see how much it takes to make them blind, they do the same with stuff like eye liner and make up. For medicines they inject a disease into the animal on order to test there new medicine. When it works the animal is ok but if it doesn’t it will stay sick and maybe die. Animals would be force fed pills to see how much you should consume daily before you get sick. I even saw one picture with a bunny that had its ears burned badly.

I suppose you could test on them, it makes sense that you would want to make sure your products are safe. But the damage it does to the animal you test it on is horrific. I can see why people do it, if your product isn’t safe and you make it for sale it could possibly not work or hurt someone. It is worse if it is a human being killed then an animal I suppose. You could find a cure that could save someones life and that would be great for who ever has the disease. You would figure out how to cure someone from there illness and could become something much larger like Tylenol.

I don’t think that people should test on animals because if you put yourself in the animals place you would probably scared out of your mind. I don’t think anyone would like it if someone were to spray hairspray at your eyes until you are blind. Imagine if you were a monkey having needles constantly that have diseases in them and then having more needles to see if it cures the disease. If the cure doesn’t work there would be a possiblility that you would die. It would be extremely terrifing if I was abused in a horrible manner. Animals have feelings just like anyone else and they can feel pain that is inflicted to them. I absolutely hate needles, they creep me out imagine if the animal was scared of needles as well, it would be feeling the exact same thing as you when you get a needle.

The First Half…

The first half of the school year was not very exciting. Most of the work I did not really enjoy. The work that I did enjoy how ever was learning about ancient Egypt, but most of the work was not as great. The exams we had to do were long but not as hard as I remember they were last year. The only exam I found a challenge was the Social Studies exam. This year I got extremely good exam marks, I got 98% on my ELA exam which is strange because I dislike ELA a lot. I got 97% on my Science exam which is also strange because that is not even close to a subject I enjoy. I got 90% on my Social Studies exam which made me a little mad because it is my favourite subject but my lowest exam mark. On my math exam I got 98% which is an incredible mark for me.

The first half of the year went by extremely slow at first but now that I look back it actually went by very fast.  The time between Christmas and September went by slow but after December it seems like time goes by quickly. I think that the time after Christmas is going to go by quicker than the time before Christmas, atleast I hope. By the time December first rolled around I just wanted to get out and enjoy our 2 week Christmas Holiday.

We were required to write a 6 word story of the first half of the school. Mine was “It was a feast of boringness”. As you can tell by the six words the first half of the school year was boring as it is most of the time. But the other half will go by quicker again as it usually does. When spring break comes I will be asking myself where did the year go? In September and October I was tired all the time and did not want to get out of bed. I felt like I would just doze off and fall asleep in class.

What Will Half Brother Be Like?

     Half Brother is a book about a family lets a monkey into their family and treats it like its a person. We are going to be reading it soon. I think the book is going to be like a documentary where it says the amount of days they had the monkey for and it tells the events that took place. I think they are going to treat the monkey like it’s a baby and give it a crib. Eventually I think they will get rid of it mainly because as it grows older it will probably become a lot more harder to handle and when it got mad it could become very dangerous. I think that the monkey will know a lot of sign language and will be able to communicate with the family.

I think the project will be a success. I think the monkey will be just like a normal person and will act similar. I don’t think the monkey will go to school though because I don’t think it would be able to the any work. But the monkey may become home schooled. I think the monkey will become smart and have feelings similar to a humans. I think he will be able to do normal human functions such as eating with utencils. He may even be able to write words on a piece of paper. I think he will be wild and break a lot of stuff like throwing vases maybe pushing the kids around and biting them, flinging fieces at people.

Over all I think that this book will be pretty interesting becuase im curious of what will happen. I hope that the project is a success  and the monkey improves a lot on the way. I want to see the monkey learn new skills and have a human like behavior.

My Experience in a Group Far Away

For the past 2 weeks we have been working with people from a place called Wingham, we are currently doing a presentation. Honestly I have to say I have not enjoyed working like this very much. The people I am working with are good but I have had way to many tech problems. Some days I couldn’t get it to work until we had to go. But now that the computers we have in our classroom have a browser called Mozilla Firefox things should be a lot better. Another problem I had is when I used Internet Explorer I would try to edit our presentation but it would only let me view it as a slide show. So I would have to sit next to one of my partners in our town to see what everyone was editing on the presentation.

Working on the document was good because I could actually edit it and go into the chatroom without having any problems what so ever. My partners that I work with are good to work with because there nice and they don’t delete stuff that you did without telling you. My partners get a lot of work done but in the past 2 weeks I have’nt got any work done, but now I think that should change.

When we actually present our presentation I think it will be good but I think I will be a little nervous becuse they live very far away and I do not know them very well. I know the people in grade 8 because I worked with them last year but the grade 7’s are new to me. I don’t really know how we are going to present our presentations but I think it will be on Skype. Im pretty sure you just have to read the speaker’s note at the bottom of the presentation because they cannot see it but you can.

Over all I think it was’nt that great of an experience but the parts where things did work were pretty good. I did’nt get as much does as I wanted to get done which was’nt that great. I did’nt really get to talk to the other people in my group that much because I could almost never get into the chatroom, mainly because of  tech troubles.

Things in Common

At I filled out a servey with 57 other students and I found a lot of us have things in common with eachother.  Lots of people play Call of Duty and I do to. A few people have cats and I also have a cat as well. Every one brushes there teeth every day at least one time I brush my teeth twice a day. Im the only one who’s favourite tv show is America’s Funniest Home Videos. The person most like me is Edi because we both like to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. But I still wonder what most kids in Wingham do other than school and working on the farm.

My Passion is Modding

Lately I have been modding my xbox controllers and ps3 controllers. Modding is when you take something like controllers and you make them better in a way like giving you an edge on video games. I have painted many of my controllers some are camos and others are random designs. I have put differnt colours of leds in them because the originals is a green that isn’t very bright. But the most recent thing I have done is a five mode rapid fire mod. I mainly use it for a game called Call of Duty Modern Wodern Warfare 2. The mod lets me shoot very fast and it gives me a huge edge on lots of shooter games. Im not sure but I might even make my thumbsticks light up. I made a website called where people would send me controllers so I can pay them for $20 instead of spending over $100 for a controller. My set is currently still under construction but you can still see what it looks like at the moment. I like to get some of my stuff from a website called That’s my only passion for now but I will probably have more in the near future.